Why Agriculture?

WHY Agriculture? 



• The world’s population is growing and we all need foodand clothing, which begins with the agriculture industry.

• Baby boomers in the industry are retiring in a hurry, leaving leadership opportunities and jobs to be filled.

• Shortage of college graduates in agriculture.

According to AgCareers.com, there were 65,000 ag career opportunities, but only 29,000 had the skills to fill them.


Make A Difference

Agriculture affects everyone around the world who eats food or wears clothes grown or produced in the United States.


Ag May Be Your Path If You Like: 

problem-solving-b.jpgProblem Solving

download.png Working Outdoors

depositphotos_116110810-stock-illustration-farm-animals-icon-beef-pork.jpg Raising and Caring for Animals

network-manage.png  Meeting New People and Creating a Supportive Network

science-helix-dna-cell-512.png Science

math_calculator-512.png  Math

Donate.png   The Environment

Employees.png  Managing People or Property


Careers In Agriculture

Name almost any career or major and it connects with the agriculture industry. Business, economics, education, environmental science, communication, finance, marketing, microbiology, sales and technology. Having an ag background will make candidates for positions more marketable than graduates in the above majors alone.

(And, yes, if you wish to run a family farm, an ag degree is necessary as technology is playing an increasing role. That’s for those who feel agriculture is just for farmers).

Real Students...Real Stories...Real Success


“I was given phenomenal opportunities to grow and personal instruction that prepared me for my future. John Wood is an amazing place to study agriculture.”

—Dusti Irwin ‘15
National Collegiate FFA Ambassador
B.S., Ag Education Western Illinois University ‘17


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