"I had job offers my first semester of classes!"


How was your overall experience at JWCC?
John Wood was a very smooth transition from high school.  It was a great learning environment that provided plenty of one on one time with  instructors that you wouldn't get at a larger college.  The staff is very friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand.  John Wood gave me a great education at an affordable price that helped me land a job in my field of study before I was even finished.

Why did you choose JWCC?
John Wood was an affordable option to get an education while staying close to home and working my way though College.

Why did you choose CAD?
I chose CAD because I was always interested in the design process of creating and manufacturing items.  Also, many engineers and drafters in the area were reaching retirement age and there was a growing demand in the field.

How was your job search?
Many of my instructors at John wood worked in the industry and had many connections.  They were able to inform me when positions were available and recommend me to certain companies.  I actually had job opportunities as early as my first semester of classes.

Do you think JWCC program prepared you for your job in the real world?
Absolutely, John Wood prepared me with the necessary skills to enter the workforce.  The instructors had a lot to do with this because they have worked in the industry and know the typed of situations that you face on an every day occasion.

Would you recommend JWCC to other students?
Definitely, if you are a student just wanting to get your general education courses out of the way to make a smooth transition to a university, or if you are wanting to get an applied science degree that will help you land a job fast, John wood is a great all around fit.

Johnathan Rathbun
'12 Computer-Aided Design
Knapheide Manufacturing Co.

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