5 Signs You Could Be An Early Childhood Educator

Children are the future and early childhood teachers are on the front lines of education. Each day is a challenge, and if you have the temperament and tactics listed below, this rewarding career field could be for you.

You enjoy the “Darndest Things”

You are glued to the screen when videos and shows of kids saying or doing the “darndest things.”  Not only do you chuckle and sit in awe of children’s insights, you know how to handle situations when the “darndest things” erupt into behavior issues, hurt feelings and disruptions.  You may even whip out a few of your “darndest” phrases to keep youngsters entertained, motivated and energized.

Patience is your middle name.

Screams, smells, eye-rolls, blank stares and questions are the soundtrack of your “happy place.”  When a student is yelling for your attention because he finished his project while another is tugging at your shirt asking to repeat the directions, you handle both with grace and the same blood pressure. You can do this because patience is part of your personality and you understand children learn and express themselves in different ways.

You exude energy.

Do friends and family think you consume Red Bull or Double Shots of Espresso every hour? Ask where you get your energy?  If so, you have a key ingredient to please pre-school pupils everywhere. Holding the attention of youngsters and focusing them on lessons and activities takes energy-drink type levels to keep the enthusiastic currents humming in a classroom. Parents everywhere will thank you.

You love D's.

In the world of early childhood education, D’s equal dedication, determination and differences. A pre-school classroom or daycare is an assortment of princesses, wanna-be sports stars, wallflowers and every type of personality in between.  It takes dedication to find the right way to reach each child, determination to stay focused on helping them achieve goals and a healthy appreciation for the differences that make every youngster unique. 

Your creativity and organization come with a cape.

Like Superman, you can leap tall buildings, or small children, in a single bound with two-minute activities, strategically placed snack times and hands-on art projects that double as reading lessons.  This is possible because you a way of wrestling a week’s activities into tiny compartments that check off tasks with flair.

Want to learn more about the classes involved in early childhood education? Visit www.jwcc.edu/earlychildhood.

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