8 Signs Logistics is for You

What is Logistics Anyway?

You vaguely remember a UPS ad campaign that talked about logistics, but the industry is much more than guys in brown outfits racing around the country in square trucks.

Logistics is the process of getting things where they need to be, when they need to be there and not wasting time and resources in the process. We order something online and it shows up on our doorstep.  How does that happen? The magical and precise world of logistics. 

The Eight Signs Logistics is for You.

  1. Attention to Detail = Prioritized lists are your friend and you’re all about following processes. There isn’t a T you haven’t crossed and you will wrestle any “I” down to the ground if it hasn’t been dotted. 
  2. Problem Solving =You are the one who comes up with answers in challenging situations when others puts their hands up and says “What do we do now?”
  3. Initiative = See something – do something.  You recognize things that need to be done, and do them without anyone asking.
  4. Communication Skills = We aren’t talking the Chatty Kathy’s of the world here.  Communication skills are about listening to others and sharing your own ideas clearly by speaking or writing.
  5. Dependability = Neither rain, nor sleet…. wait, that’s the post office.  You take pride in having other people rely on you, and you come through for them.  You’re on time and do your part.
  6. Integrity = You do what you are say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it.
  7. Cooperation = No man or woman is an island.  To accomplish things, you know it takes a team and you like combining your ideas and skills with others to get things done.
  8. Stress Tolerance = The everyday challenges of deadlines, work and unforseen problems don’t take a toll on you.

If you have quite a few of these 8 attributes, bonus points for attention to detail, problem solving and communication, a career in logistics may be for you. Find out more about logistics careers at https://www.jwcc.edu/academics/degrees/logistics-and-operations-management/

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