Custom, Focused Training Over Time Improves Communication, Culture & Sales


Training is nothing new for Adams Telephone based in Golden, Illinois.  However, focused training - over time – from expert JWCC trainers has led to new success for the growing regional telephone, cable and internet provider.Adams-Telephone-Logo-240x120.png

“We were able to implement a new sales focus, engage the company in a new culture and improve communication among employees from top down and bottom up,” Jim Broemmer, Adams’ chief executive officer shared.

Adams approached JWCC’s Customized Training Coordinator Gordon Forbes for supervisory and sales training tailored to their needs and schedule. “We’ve been through different training programs whether online or bringing someone in from out of town, and it ends up being a crash course approach and implementing the new information is difficult,” Broemmer said. “By working with John Wood we were able to develop a focused training program spaced out over time to promote implementation and real use.  This provided much more success.”Broemmer_Jim-1.jpg

Adams recently began another sales training session with John Wood as part of its ongoing relationship.

Broemmer now recommends JWCC’s customized training for other companies and began new customized training with Microsoft products through John Wood.

“JWCC provides a local solution that allows a company to focus on specific issues or topics with continued feedback and the ability to shift training as needed.”

Want to know more about how customized training from JWCC can improve your business...and your bottom line?

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