The Best Study Spots Around Campus

Looking for a place to get a start on your next research paper? A comfy spot to get those last 15 minutes of studying in before the big exam? Here's a list of my favorite study spots around campus. 

  • I can’t be the only one that likes to snack while I study! These outdoor picnic tables have enough space for all your notes and something to grub on.3090F90B-4215-4C42-B2DF-1B14DFED42FC
  • A comfy couch, a microwave, and plenty of vending machines makes downstairs in A Building is the perfect spot to study between classes.  13F2DF39-9F09-495D-9517-8F5C4AD3FAAA2714012D-0646-44D6-869B-06E015220B74
  • The Library of course!!
    • The study rooms are perfect for when my friends and I are stressing over bio.5D3C17A3-3D52-4E5B-995E-4AC3D0649AB7
    • I love using the back room because it's full of sunlight and greenery. 32D5A216-B0DA-4B43-B4A0-41CCBA082937-1
  • Whenever I’m looking for a more private area to study I usually go with the seating downstairs in D Building. It may not look like much but it’s perfect for a between class study sesh, plus you may get to hear some of the music students performing.E38BB5A9-5E3A-49FC-91DD-C80144A7CA3A
  • Be one with nature while you study and find a seat on the trails behind the school. It’s the most peaceful place to be on a warm day.EAE9DA16-CC5F-46AC-9098-68BD0AA81BA2
  • Talk about a secret hide-out! Most people would never find this outdoor nook at the back of B Building.95438D40-2595-45B9-BF8A-29975476E366
  • Go through flashcards between pitches at a JWCC Baseball Game with your friends. Just make sure to hold on tight so they don’t blow away!C12D732B-94F1-4747-8C4C-1012E3313718
  • Good lighting is everything, and upstairs in C Building has the most of it. Soak up the sun and some knowledge. 7C91078B-2097-4BF8-844B-52FC99A3B3D5
  • There’s always something going on in the SAC, which makes the observation deck the perfect place for a sports fan to study.521EAD40-8DAC-4B02-9BCB-BD90BD20C77B

 Created by Chloe Fanshier, a Communications major at JWCC.

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