5 Signs You Are Ready for a Career Change

Making a career change is a scary thing, but sometimes it is worse to stay in a job or career that is mentally and physically draining the life out of you.  Here are some signs you might want to start looking for a new career.  If you aren’t sure you are exhibiting the symptoms, ask your friends, family or even co-workers.

1. Sunday Dreads

You made it to the end of the work week. Friday at 5 p.m. feels like a prison break.  Life is good until Sunday afternoon when you catch a weekly recurring case of the “dreads”.  Yep, you have to go back to work, which might as well come with communal bathrooms and scary cell mates.

2. Clock Watching

Minutes feel like hours. The tick of the clock is a constant reminder of just how much longer you have until the end of the day.  You work on a project, look up only to realize there are seven more hours to go.  Bathroom breaks are frequent just so you can get away.  Staring into space has become a new skill.

3. Loss of Filter

The filter you fasten upon yourself when opening the door to work is constantly malfunctioning.  Your frustration is falling out and before you can tuck it back in you say something unprofessional or roll your eyes at a co-worker…or worse, your boss.

4. Cranky Pants at Home

After work you find yourself with limited patience at home and get angry at little things that didn’t bother you before. You may even feel depressed and lose interest in activities you once enjoyed.

5. Pit in Your Stomach

You know that feeling when your body tells you that something is wrong.  You dread going into work, feel underappreciated, unmotivated and disconnected from the reason why you started your job in the first place.


Here’s the good news.  You can change your situation, but maybe you need to know what’s on the other side of the prison walls.  Check out what motivated other adults like you to make a change and how things are going “on the outside.”

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