Worried you will be the oldest in college? Think again.

Think everyone in your class will be an 18 year old, young pup? Think again.

You will find that around 1 in 3 students is a non-traditional adult student like yourself. That number is even higher in online courses. We promise, you will not be the only person over 18 in your class.

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 2.31.07 PM.pngStill have some anxiety about it?

We will let you in on a secret that adult students have figured out to avoid the, "I'm going to be the oldest person in class" fear.


It's that simple. Professors will like the initiative and you can stay focused on learning. The 18 year olds will only see your back (at least for a little while). After that, they will only know you as the wise one in the front and appreciate you are there (probably fighting over who will get to have you in their group).

Still worried? Listen to some adults who have been there, done that...

Taking online classes? Your maturity will be less obvious online, but definitely provides more value to your learning experience as well as your classmates.

Are you still considering this??? Going back to school? Your next question will likely be...how can I add one more thing to my already hectic life? We hear you. That's why we have developed this free guide to help you navigate and balance work, life and school.

Ultimate Guide to School/Life Balance

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